Western Weeds

B.M.J. Hussey, G.J. Keighery, J. Dodd, S.G. Lloyd and R.D. Cousens, (2007) Western Weeds, A guide to the weeds of Western Australia. 2nd Edition. The Weeds Society of Western Australia (Inc.)

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The Weed Society of WA recognised that a good reference of weeds affecting our agricultural land and our natural environment in Western Australia was essential as a text for the many practitioners involved in the field, and as a field guide for members of the public who take an active interest in the environment.

The Society also envisages that this site will raise the public awareness of the many introduced plants which have developed into weeds in this State.

Preview pages 98-105 of Western Weeds - 2nd Edition 2007 (PDF 2.86 MB)

Western Weeds Database Online Edition (1998)

Click here to view Western Weeds (1998 online version) - please note that some information may be out of date.