The Weeds Society of Western Australia (Inc) is an organisation that brings together research scientists, extension officers, consultants, company representatives, conservationists, other practitioners and members of the public who have an interest in weed management. WSWA formed in 1976, but from 1992-2003 it was known as the Plant Protection Society.

The objects of the Society are to:

  1. encourage, promote and foster the study and understanding of weeds and weed management, including weed science, technology and research, biological control, biology/ecology, biosecurity/quarantine, chemical control/herbicides, chemical application technology, computer modelling, economics, herbicide resistance, integrated weed management, physical weed control, regulatory aspects, weed risk assessment, and the dissemination of any findings;
  2. provide a representative voice on matters pertaining to weeds, particularly in Western Australia;
  3. lobby governments on weed related issues such as maintenance of quarantine and provision of adequate funding for weed research and education;
  4. encourage a wider interest in weeds and related issues by promoting education and public awareness;
  5. encourage the formation of like-minded organisations and interact with them;
  6. encourage educational organisations at all levels to provide adequate training in all aspects of weed science and technology including integrated weed management and biological control;
  7. co-operate and, where appropriate, affiliate with other organisations engaged in related activities in Australia and overseas;
  8. produce and publish such material as may be considered relevant; and
  9. hold events such as seminars, field days, workshops and conferences etc., for the benefit of members and/or to achieve the above objects.