Life Members

1978G.R.W. MeadlyDepartment of AgricultureEstablished small seeds scheme, subterranean clover seed certification scheme, and involvement in setting up the Agricultural Protection Board and Noxious Weed Act  He published the first Weeds of Western Australia publication in 1965
1979Basil TaylorDepartment of AgricultureServices to weed control in agriculture, particularly to establishing aerial and top-dressing industry in the state
1986Geoff PearceDepartment of AgricultureFounding member
1986J. GriegDepartment of AgricultureFounding member
1990Des GilbeyDepartment of AgricultureCAWS Medalist
1993Alf HumphriesDepartment of AgricultureFounding member
1997Prof. Marcus BlacklowUniversity of Western AustraliaCAWS Medalist
2002Gerald HuttonDepartment of AgricultureLong service to the committee of PPS
2002John MooreDepartment of AgricultureCAWS Medalist
2005John Pierce Department of AgricultureCAWS Medalist
2006Dr Chris Preston University of AdelaideCAWS Medalist
2008Alex DouglasDepartment of AgricultureLong service to the committee of PPS and then WSWA as secretary
2012Sandy LloydDepartment of AgricultureLong service to the committee of PPS and then to WSWA as President and chief organiser of Australian Weeds Conference in 2002 and 2016
2014Rod RandallDepartment of AgricultureCAWS Medalist
2016Dr John ScottCSIROCAWS Medalist