Further Reading

The following specialist texts may be useful for determining exact identification.



Publisher Date

A field guide to weeds in Australia
C. Lamp and F. Collet
Inkata Press, Melbourne 1989

A key to Australian grasses
B.K. Simon
Dept of Primary Industries, Brisbane 1993

Broome and beyond: plants and people of the Dampier Peninsula, Kimberley, Western Australia
K.F. Kenneally, D.C. Edinger and T. Willing
Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth, 1996

Crop weeds
J. Wilding, A.G. Barnett and R.L. Amor
Inkata Press, Melbourne 1986

Field guide to wildflowers of the west coast Hills Region
J. Marshall
Quality Publishing Australia 1996

Flora of Australia, Volumes 1 to 50
Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra onwards1981

Flora of New South Wales,Volumes 1 to 4
G.J. Harden (ed.)
New South Wales University Press, Sydney 1990 - 1993

Flora of the Kimberley Region
J.R. Wheeler, B.L. Rye, B.L. Koch and A.J.G. Wilson (eds)
Department of Conservation 1992 and Land Management, Perth

Flora of the Perth Region,Parts 1 and 2
N.G. Marchant and J.R. Wheeler (eds)
W.A. Department of 1987 Agriculture, Perth

Flora of Victoria, Volumes 1 to 3
N.G. Walsh and T.J. Entwisle
Inkata Press, Melbourne 1993 -1996

How to know Western Australian wildflowers. Parts 1 to 4
W.E. Blackall and B.J. Grieve
University of Western Australia Press, Perth 1974 - 1988

Identification of weeds in cereal and legume crops
D.J. Gilbey
Agriculture Western Australia, Perth. Bulletin 4107. 1995

Plants of western New South Wales
G. Cunningham, W. Mulham, P. Milthorpe and J. Leigh
Inkata Press, Melbourne 1992

The bushland plants of Kings Park, Western Australia
E.M. Bennett and P.J. Dundas
Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth 1988

Waterplants in Australia Third Edition
G.R. Sainty and S.W.L. Jacobs
Sainty and Associates, Sydney 1994

Weeds - an illustrated botanical guide to the weeds of Australia
B.A. Auld and R.W. Medd
Inkata Press, Melbourne 1987

Weeds of natural ecosystems - a field guide to environmental weeds of the Northern Territory, Australia N.M. Smith
The Environment Centre, Darwin 1995



The following texts provide useful information on the management of weeds.


Publisher Date

Bringing back the bush: the Bradley method of bush regeneration
J. Bradley
Landsdowne Press, Sydney 1988

Bush regeneration: recovering Australian landscapes
R. A. Buchanan
TAFE, Sydney 1989

Management of agricultural weeds in Western Australia
J. Dodd, R.J. Martin and K.M. Howes (eds)
Agriculture Western Australia, Perth Bulletin 4243. 1993

Managing Perth's bushlands
M. Scheltema and J. Harris (eds)
Greening Western Australia, Perth 1995

Managing your bushland
B.M.J. Hussey and K.J. Wallace
Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth 1992

Noxious weeds of Australia
W.T. Parsons and E.G. Cuthbertson
Inkata Press, Melbourne 1992

The biology of Australian weeds, Volume 1
R.H. Groves, R.C.H. Shepherd and R.G. Richardson
R.G. and F.J. Richardson Melbourne, 1995

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