his book was written mostly in the authors' spare time, and would not have been possible without help from a large number of people.

The following people provided helpful comments on specialist areas or earlier drafts of the text:
from Agriculture Western Australia - Mr John Burt, Mr Ken Dean, Mr Des Gilbey, Mr Malcolm Howes, Mr Andrew Mitchell, Mr Richard Snowball;

from the Department of Conservation and Land Management (including the Western Australian Herbarium) - Dr Ken Atkins, Mr Ray Cranfield, Mr Brendan Lepschi, Dr Terry MacFarlane, Dr Neville Marchant, Mr Bruce Maslin, Mr Patrick Pigott, Mr Leigh Sage, Dr Paul Wilson;

individual researchers - Mrs Lorraine Graham, Dr Arthur Weston.

 Photographic credits

Many people have contributed photographs to this book. The contribution from other than the authors is gratefully acknowledged. On each photograph, the photographer is indicated by their initials, as shown below:

Ken Atkins


Robin Knox


Craig Brockway


Peter Maloney


Jim Buckley


Mick Minchin


Roger Cousens


Andrew Mitchell


Jim Dellow


Rod Randall


Jon Dodd


Sue Wilkins


Simon Eyres


Noel Wilson


Penny Hussey


Agriculture Protection

Greg Keighery


Board of WA.


The organisation and administration of the photographic library was efficiently undertaken by Ms Sandy Lloyd and Mr Rod Randall of the Weed Science group of Agriculture Western Australia. Both also contributed to plant descriptions and distribution information.

 Drawing credits

Ms Louise Burch (LB) was commissioned to produce some line drawings especially for this book.

 We are grateful to Dr Neville Marchant, Director of the Western Australian Herbarium, for permission to reproduce line drawings used for earlier publications. The artists are named below and indicated by their initials on the illustrations:

A. Wilson


G. Rodridge


C.A. Gardner


M.A. Menadue


E. Hickman


Baseline information

Much of the information about plants naturalised in Western Australia is drawn from the checklist compiled by Greg Keighery in 1994 (Keighery, 1995), that listed 1032 vascular plant species as naturalised in this State. This was the first modern overview of the State's weed flora. Since its publication, additional plants have been recorded as having naturalised and there is every reason to expect that further plants will naturalise in the years ahead. [Ref: Keighery, G.J. (1995). An Annotated List of the Naturalised Vascular Plants of Western Australia. In: G.R. Burke (editor) Invasive Weeds and Regenerating Ecosystems in Western Australia: Proceedings of the Conference held at Murdoch University, July 1994. Institute for Science and Technology Policy, Murdoch University, Murdoch].

Financial support

We would especially like to thank the Plant Protection Society of Western Australia for conceiving the project, obtaining a grant and asking us to assemble the text.

 Finally, very sincere thanks to the organisations that provided funds to enable the project to proceed. To the Western Australian Lotteries Commission and the Trustees of the Gordon Reid Foundation for Conservation, for a major grant. To Agriculture Western Australia for a substantial cash contribution and employee time. To the Department of Conservation and Land Management for employee time.

 Despite the unstinting help that we have received, it is likely that some errors will remain. These are the responsibility of the authors.

Senecio elegans at Lowlands Beach, Denmark. PH


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